Start Citizen - quantum engine - mine or not?

Watch youtuber XenthorX put Star Citizen through its paces in glorious 4K. He's in a light nimble single-seater ship that can really kick up dust. Watch him first Canyon Run like a pro then launch himself into high altitude space. It all kicks off at the 00:10:00 mark in the following video...

What would have topped this off PERFECTLY would have been a crescendo-leap into Hyper Drive using the Quantum Engine attached to every space-worthy ship.

For some inconceivable reason, that definitely has nothing to do with gameplay, Star Citizen forces the player to Quantum Travel only to a) a specific jump point, which you have to acces via clunky-old #wehateMobiGlas and b) only when you're fully out of any planet's atmosphere. And for the larger planet's this is going to mean many hundreds of vertical miles.

"My quantum engine, my method of use," must surely be the collective mantra here. Use it when I (the paying player) want, to effect a spectacular escape or hurry…

Star Citizen - when is a ladder - not a ladder

Star Citizen is a strange kinda ass-backwards bird. Five years in production, so far, and I still can't work out what it is. Or what IT wants to be.

Planetary streaming - check.
Micro-pore rendering - check.
Quantum drive mechanism - check.

Ladders suck... well, they do in Star Citizen. And they always have.

Almost every entry/exit (to the smaller ships) involves using them. Many of the larger ships have internal ladders and they're an ugly gaming experience too, by all accounts. Surely, the easy fix for this is TURN EVERY LADDER INTO A DOORWAY.

A ladder (while it's a horrible experience (still) in this pre-alpha game) should be just another way to get from A to B. I don't understand all the functional drama attached to this most perplexing of intergalactic puzzles. Sure, it might have 'ladder climbing animation' associated with it. So what? You're only playing a standard walk/run animation to pass through EVERY FUCKING DOORWAY already so where's t…

Electric Universe - 2018 truths emerge - universe is electric

magnetic fields are formed by electric currents flowing through cold space plasmas

R.I.P. nuclear stars, big bang creationism and black hole nonsense, now let's move on researching this electric universe...

dreams - within one hour - 4, 5, 6 storey pub

I don't know how the human mind does this, "Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.," I had this dream about a small (or rather compact) pub.

It was at least a four or five storey, but maybe a six storey, pub with a wooden staircase winding up the centre of it. Decorated in a stained wooden panelled fashion. Filled to the brim, rammed to the gills, with hundreds of revellers. A bar on each floor, and some old friends... There was even some kind of Viking shield game taking place on the second floor. It was full of narrative and dialogue. And LIFE.

"How does the human mind do this," what ever it does, when we're dreaming?

UFOs - Secure Team 10 - something unloads over California

I know of them, but I don't think I've ever featured one of SecureTeam10's supposed UFO or ORB or UAV videos... until now.

Filmed in infra-red a week or so ago over California.... this is VERY INTERESTING.

unless three free-falling heat signatures tumble out of the back of a hovering heat signature, like at a Leapfrogs event? but then surely the helicopter would be dark in the visible range, not invisible. Hm.....

Star Citizen - Star Map - MobiGlas - getting it off my chest!

Star Citizen, right... it's in Alpha. Yeah, we know. I got this message from CIG the other day, "It's in alpha, it'll all be fine once it's out."

Well, yeah. That's probably true, CIG can address the bugs and sort out the fps, but will it be a NEAT user-experience? Will it be CLEAN?

The wrist-phone MobiGlas currently owns the Star Map app, but is this the right place for it? Looking at a galactic Star Map when your land-bound is pointless. Using the Star Map on your wrist during flight is a really disorienting experience. Here's why.... you're taken away from the current game view to 'some external god view' of the same game world. Then you're thrust back into the game, having to reset your experience and start searching for the Destination you've set. It's real clunky.

Despite my #wehatemobiglas meme, I don't think CIG is ready to kill its wrist machine, nor should it. There's no reason why you shouldn't carry aro…

Electric Universe - Thunderbolts of the Gods - Lightning Scarred Planet Earth

Electrical phenomena are totally scalable, from the activity of an electron around an atom's core (should such a machine exist) to the width of an electrical discharge pulsating through space birthing galaxies and stars.

On Earth, erosion has been given too much credence when all you need is a decent electrical charge to hit the surace of the planet to form some quite spectacular geological features.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: here's the second part of Lightning Scarred Earth...

Editorial comment: we now need to see A HISTORICAL TIMESCALE for both the proto-Saturnian electrical infestation into what we now call the Solar System and the length of time taken to create these geological features on Earth and Mars i.e. from what historical date to what historical date, based on the assessable movement of proto-Saturnian planet settling within this (alien) system.

How close would the planets have come, how did Saturn look during its convversion to gas giant, what was the sky like? And when …